Kiton Ocean Port is committed to serve the needs of all interested parties by consistently meeting the highest Quality, Environmental protection and Health & Safety standards.
The Company cooperates with the public authorities and fully complies with the local health & safety and environmental legislation and its contractual requirements.

Top management is fully committed to maintaining throughout the Company an Integrated Management System, which is based on the requirements of our clients and the international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001
A safe, healthy and environmentally sound workplace is provided for our employees, subcontractors, visitors and others that may be affected by our actions. A Health & Safety Committee has been formed to further encourage consultation with our employees.
We communicate our quality, health & safety and environmental commitment to clients, employees and other interested parties.
Qualitative and quantitative targets are set and discussed during management review meetings for all aspects and areas of operation, in order to continually improve the effectiveness and suitability of the Integrated Management System
Top Management is committed to invest in people training and development, new technology and tools, and modern methods and systems and pursue continuous improvement in all aspects of its operations.
We are an equal opportunity employer and we support the protection of human rights, particularly those of our employees, the parties we do business with and the community where we operate.
Implementation of the above international standards is a strategic competitive advantage of the Group and is the responsibility of every member of staff to adhere to this policy.