About Us

About Us

Larnaca Port is one of the two ports of Cyprus and until 1973 is operated as an open anchorage with rudimentary port facilities. The new port of Larnaca was completed in June 1973.

Today it is a multi-purpose port that occupies an area of ​​445,000 square meters and serves all types of cargo from feed, grain, gypsum, timber, iron, fertilizers, cars, pipes and petroleum.

Larnaca Port is the second largest port in Cyprus and is located in the southeast part of the island with a total area of 445.000m2. The port is located at about 2km from the center of the town and it has excellent connectivity to the main transportation network of the country. It is surrounded by residential and commercial units, to the south Larnaca Port borders with Larnaca Marina.

The Port offers services such as handling of break-bulk, dry-bulk, general cargo, roll on – roll off and oil & gas services. Larnaca Port complies with the latest international security protocols and safe working procedures. It is also using sustainable and environmentally friendly methodologies and latest technological innovations such as eco-hoppers.

Furthermore, it accommodates cruise ships through its passenger terminal. The passenger terminal is used as transit and home port cruising with numerous destinations in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea including sailing overnight. 

KOP is committed to the development of Larnaca Port, while working in partnership with a wide variety of stakeholders to support the sustainable economic growth of the country.

Also, KOP is a great job creator and a buzz hub of economic activity and growth. KOP aims to be a catalyst within the local community by establishing an attractive destination for its customers and help deliver economic benefits to Cyprus throughout the duration of the concession. 

At KOP, our core values are to innovate and optimize our assets, in order to offer unique and niche solutions to meet our partners’ and customers’ needs and advance global trade.